Last year, I said that 2008 was a year of significance.  It certainly was!So happy together

  • I was laid off from my job in January,
  • I turned 50 in November,
  • I returned to full-time ministry for the first time since 1995,
  • Our youngest child turned 20, and is pregnant, and
  • Our tenth grandchild was born in November. 

Besides all of these significant events, I stated that I also expected the year to hold the fulfillment of dreams and promises that we had been holding onto for years.  I anticipated the inevitable, supernatural intervention of God in the middle of my pains, plans and problems.  I was not disappointed.

I believe 2009 is a year of change for many reasons: 

  • 2008 was rough in all its significance, and I’m glad it’s over,
  • some of the pains, plans and problems that I faced in 2008 have not been resolved,
  • we have a new political landscape in our country,
  • the status quo has to go, and
  • I refuse to turn into an old man who lets his dreams die and gives up on life.

So, come on!  If change doesn’t knock us over the head, let’s go out and make our own changes!  With me?


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